table saw

My circular table saw is one of the most frequently used tools in my workshop. Almost every woodworking project begins with the circular table saw. It enables us to make rip cuts and crosscuts on our materials.

In the past, we had a cheap circular table saw for many years, which we used to build the interior of our boat. It made a lot of noise but it worked. We replaced the blade with a new better blade that helped a lot to improve the noise level. However, since we use this tool very often and have plans to construct our new kitchen, portable workbench, and other parts of our home’s interior ourselves, we have decided to upgrade our table saw.

After careful research to determine the best circular table saw for our needs, we decided to invest in the Bosch GTS 10 XC PROFESSIONAL model. This choice was driven by our requirement for a professional-grade table saw, given the substantial amount of woodwork required for both our new kitchen and our upcoming workshop project.

We’ve had a positive experience with Bosch professional tools in the past, which influenced our decision. Opting for the largest version of this model was a strategic choice due to its robust motor and additional sliding features. Unlike the battery-powered version, we anticipate using it primarily in our home and workshop, where a reliable power source is readily available. Furthermore, since we don’t use our tools frequently enough to maintain battery health, this decision aligns well with our needs and usage patterns.


At first, we will start using the saw machine before we can improve things.

Next plans

Our next plan is to construct a workbench specifically designed to house the table saw. This will allow us to integrate the table saw into a larger work surface, which is essential for cutting larger pieces of wood. This setup will be particularly valuable as we embark on the project of building our new kitchen, where we anticipate working with larger materials that require stable and spacious support for precision cuts.

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