A band saw is a tool that I use for making precision cuts in a wide range of materials. Consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two wheels, the bandsaw allows for smooth, controlled, and efficient cutting.

band saw sticker

The primary advantage of a band saw lies in its ability to create curved and straight cuts. By guiding the material along the blade while the blade moves in a continuous loop, intricate shapes and curves can be achieved with precision and accuracy. This makes the bandsaw an ideal tool for tasks such as cutting out intricate patterns in wood, creating smooth contours in metal, or even shaping plastics.

Our bandsaw is a De Walt/ Black and Decker BS/1310. This is an old one that we bought second-hand without a blade. The sawing machine had some rust, and the paint was also not in good condition. but the motor was spinning well.

The band saw is an essential tool for numerous woodworking projects, particularly when we encounter situations where the size of the material or intricate cuts make it impractical to use our larger circular saw.



The first thing we did to the bandsaw was take it apart and cleaned the whole machine. after cleaning we repainted the base of the saw and then reassembled everything.

We bought a new sawblade and started using the saw in our shop.

The next plans for the band saw are:

  • Building a cabinet to house the machine
  • Improve the band saw guides

Used for:

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