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Building a vinyl cutter part 1

Building a vinyl cutter part 1



When creating, modifying or building thinks I use a lot of tools but not all the tools are always available or the standard tool does not fit for what I need. For some tools, it is also the fun of creating it by self. This results in that a part of my project is the making of tools.

3D Printer


One of the tools I use a lot for creating parts for my projects is my 3D printer. I designed and build my 3D printer from scratch without using any printed or special produced parts. All parts are widely available on the market.  Projects for my 3D printer are updates and upgrades of my 3D printer. (In the future I will also publish my 3D printer design)


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For the development of my projects, I develop a lot of generic usable parts. Some of these parts are easy to use in multiple projects or can be used for other solutions. 

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