In the summer of 2022, we started to create a massive extension to our home and modified the entire ground floor. We started by moving the current kitchen that was on the backside of our house to the front side of our house in the former living area. This means a lot of plumbing and electrical work.

This created a more spacious kitchen area along the diner table. For now, we have used our old kitchen and extended it with some extra cabinets and an extra countertop. In the future, we will build a new kitchen ourselves and document it here. This will be one of the most extensive projects shortly.

After moving the kitchen, we extended the backside of our house by 4 meters. This allowed us to merge the new additional space with the old kitchen, resulting in a spacious living area measuring 6 meters by 5 meters. The living area is now located at the garden side of the house, providing a beautiful view. With this new living space, we have the freedom to use it for a variety of purposes, such as a hobby space for larger, cleaner projects like sewing things for our boats. We can create an ample workspace around our sewing machine if needed.

The Workshop

At the same time we built the extention of our hous and living area we also build a new workshop behind our garage to have more space for woodworking and other projects in the future.

New workshop construction

This new workshop measures 3 meters by 4 meters and is the same height as our house extension. In the roof we installed a large skylight to allow a lot of daylight inside and to provide more room in height when handling long objects.

This new workshop enables us to create more and bigger projects. Having a small workshop now will also enable us to start creating content for this website. In the past, we did a lot of our projects outside or in small places inside the house that did not allow us to create good content.

But we are not there first we need to finish the workshop.

Workshop floor and Isolating

At the end of the summer, we completed the main construction work and focused on making the living area habitable. Improving our living conditions was a top priority before embarking on the next projects in our house. For these upcoming projects, we are fortunate to have our new workshop, as a lot of woodworking is required.

We have begun laying laminate to create a smoother and more pleasant working floor in our workshop. To achieve this, we have decided to reuse the old laminate flooring from our living area, which is both beautiful and durable. This way, we can make use of a material that would otherwise have been discarded, and it can last for years in our workshop.

After finishing the flooring, we began the process of insulating the walls of the workshop. We opted for half-brick walls to maximize the available space. However, to ensure proper insulation, we needed to insulate the walls from the inside. The roof was already insulated from the outside, and there is also a significant amount of insulation beneath the floor.

The wall isolation started with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture. Beams were then screwed in to hold insulation glass wool, followed by plywood boards.