Every year we make a new year’s card with our family to send to family and friends. This year (2019) we decided to make one big card and send everyone a part of 2019. The text on the card was “be part of 2019”. It was fun making it and it had a nice result.

We have started this drawing by draw in thin lines the number 2019 as a reference for the painting. At the backside of this paper, we have already drawn the cutting lines to make small cards of it.

We did not make rules who shall paint where and what. The only rule was paint everywhere on the paper and make the numbers visible.

The show the receivers of the card why they have such creative card that is a part of a bigger painting, we have created a movie to show that they have really a part of our 2019.


  • paper
  • paint in primary colors
  • scissors


1 Hour preparation of the paper
2 Hour painting
1 Hour cutting and making the cards ready for sending