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Smart boat


In my workshop, I have a lot of tools that I use to fulfill my projects and creative ideas. A well-equipped workshop is essential for bringing my creative ideas to life.
in the projects, a variety of techniques is used like electronics, woodworking as well as metalworking. This means that there is also a variety of tools needed
I use new tools, old tools, and refurbished tools. I also make tools myself because crafting tools is fun to do and sometimes cost-efficient.


When doing smart boat projects on boat, navigation is a big topic. For navigating your boat there are a lot of closed tools but you can also do a lot of open tools to navigate and monitor your sail trip.
It starts with a GPS but there is a lot more tool that you can use during a sailing trip.

Ship navigation system using standard available components

Ship navigation system using standard available components



I have created some libraries that I use in my projects but these libraries can also be used in other projects. The source is available on Github. The articles describing the use and the API are here

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