Smart Home

Smart home denotes (remote) controlled devices and processes to improve your quality of life and convenience in a house or apartment. A smart home can also help to improve the security and more efficient use of energy in the house or apartment.
There are many smart home solution already available on the market some are open and some are closed. Some work together and some not. I like to have a system tailored to my systems and needs. Take a look at my creative solutions and use what is suitable for your solution.

Boat Automation

Boat automation denotes (remote) controlled devices and processes to improve your quality of living onboard at sea, similar to home automation and convenience in a boat. Boat automation also includes beside the living part on the boat also the navigation solutions during travelling with your boat as well as monitor and control your boat when you’re not on your boat.

Some used solutions are similar as used in a home. Take a look at my creative solutions and use what is suitable for your solution.



We incorporate various electronic solutions in our projects to enhance functionality and enable automation. But it's not just about function, we also love to have fun through our numerous creative electronic endeavours. Explore our collection of imaginative electronic projects and witness the fusion of innovation and enjoyment! Whether you're into smart home solutions, smart boats, or electronics in general.


Woodworking is the skilled craft of creating objects and structures from wood. It is a versatile craft that can be used to create a wide variety of items, from furniture and cabinets to decorative pieces and artwork.
In our projects, we use a lot wood work to bring our ideas to life. Have a look at the project we made with wood.



Metalworking, a skilled and diverse craft, plays an integral role in our projects. From manufacturing precision tools to designing substantial structures, and serving practical functions, as well as used in artistic projects, metalworking offers a realm of limitless possibilities. It is the foundation of our creative endeavors, where we seamlessly meld form and function. The possibilities of metalworking are limitless, and you can see it being applied throughout our projects.

3D printing

3D printing is an incredibly versatile technique that empowers us to generate a diverse array of objects and components, utilizing a range of materials. Our expertise extends not only to the design of crucial parts, but also to the continuous enhancement and progress of our 3D printers. Feel free to delve into our captivating world of 3D printing projects.


Workshop Tools

In my workshop, I have a lot of tools that I use to fulfill my projects and creative ideas. A well-equipped workshop is essential for bringing my creative ideas to life.
in the projects, a variety of techniques is used like electronics, woodworking as well as metalworking. This means that there is also a variety of tools needed
I use new tools, old tools, and refurbished tools. I also make tools myself because crafting tools is fun to do and sometimes cost-efficient.