Kafkar.com is a website from Niels van Breederoode where I publish the projects that I create or work on. With the publications of my projects, I want to help and inspire you to start or continue with your own projects. I have a lot of fun in creating and working on my projects. It also has improved my life because I have the fun of creating things and by creating things by my self I can create it as I want to have it. It also saved my money and makes it possible for me to drive in a funny old Saab 96 and sail in a nice old sailboat.

About me

Almost my entire life I have had a lot of projects where I was working on. As Child, I had my model railway and build a recumbent bike. When I became older projects changed from small projects to bigger projects like the restoration of a small wooden sailboat, a Saab 96 and a bigger steel sailboat that was only the hull when I started this project. Beside the big projects, I have always smaller projects to work on. This could be software, hardware, woodworking, steelworking or anything else as long as it is functional and creative.

My latest project was my own build 3D printer what I also will post here. As the father of two kids, a wife, and a dog I do the most projects not alone but together with them. In some of the projects I post you will see them.

Why the name Kafkar

The name Kafkar is almost my whole live part of me. It started as the Name of the dog when I was a child. It was figured out by my parents because our dog’s name must be started with the letter K. Later on, I started a company with my brother also called Kafkar because this name was a binding factor for us. Due to the leak of time and other jobs we stopped that company. Due to that fact that that name is still part of my life, I decided to use it to publish my projects