table saw

Circular saw table

My circular table saw is one of the most frequently used tools in my workshop. Almost every woodworking project begins with the circular table saw. It enables us to make rip cuts and crosscuts on our materials. In the past, we had a cheap circular table saw for many...

Band saw

A band saw is a tool that I use for making precision cuts in a wide range of materials. Consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two wheels, the bandsaw allows for smooth, controlled, and efficient cutting. The primary advantage of a band saw...

Start using Octoprint

To improve the 3D printer to be able to upload my print file directly via my network to the 3D printer instead of copying the print file to an SD card and then put the SD card into my 3D printer for printing. One of the common solutions to achieve this is by adding a...

Ship navigation system using standard available components

For many years I am sailing in the Netherlands. Used a standard Garmin GPS and an Android tablet with maps from NV charts. This was working fine as a ship navigation system but it is al closed software and partly closed hardware. Combining this and add more info like...
Vinyl cutter

Building a vinyl cutter part 1

For some of my project upcoming projects, I need vinyl letter stickers. But also to get the name again on one of our boats and make a sticker for our rally Saab. On the internet, you can find a lot of online shops with vinyl cutters where you can order your own vinyl...

Create new year’s cards

Every year we make a new year's card with our family to send to family and friends. This year (2019) we decided to make one big card and send everyone a part of 2019. The text on the card was "be part of 2019". It was fun making it and it had a nice result. We have...

Smart Home

Smart home denotes (remote) controlled devices and processes to improve your quality of life and convenience in a house or apartment. A smart home can also help to improve the security and more efficient use of energy in the house or apartment.
There are many smart home solution already available on the market some are open and some are closed. Some work together and some not. I like to have a system tailored to my systems and needs. Take a look at my creative solutions and use what is suitable for your solution.

Smart boat

Smart boat denotes (remote) controlled devices and processes to improve your quality of living onboard at sea and convenience in a boat. Smart boat also includes beside the living on the boat also the navigation tools during travelling with the boat.

Some of the used solutions are similar as used in a house or apartment. Take a look at my creative solutions and use what is suitable for your solution.



In my workshop, I have a lot of tools that I use to fulfill my projects and creative ideas. A well-equipped workshop is essential for bringing my creative ideas to life.
in the projects, a variety of technics is used like electronics, woodworking as well as metalworking. This means that there is also a variety of tools needed
I use new tools, old tools, and refurbished tools. I also make tools myself because crafting tools is fun to do and sometimes cost-efficient.