DIY Big Wrench

Big Wrench

Introduction Sometimes you may require a specific size of wrench. If the wrench size is small, it's not a big problem as you can buy it at a reasonable price. However, if the size you need is larger, the cost of the wrench also increases. If you need it frequently and...
vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

There are several jobs and projects that require the use of a vacuum. One example is extracting oil from a boat's engine, which is different from a car's engine. With a car, you can drain the oil from the bottom of the engine, but this is not possible with a ship's...
Ivar Kafkar

Ivar small closed bookcase

status: inprogress Ivar Kafkar Introduction In our living room, we are using Ikea's IVAR system. Ikea's IVAR is a versatile and customizable shelving system that has become a popular choice for individuals looking for flexible and functional storage solutions....
table saw

Circular saw table

My circular table saw is one of the most frequently used tools in my workshop. Almost every woodworking project begins with the circular table saw. It enables us to make rip cuts and crosscuts on our materials. In the past, we had a cheap circular table saw for many...

Band saw

A band saw is a tool that I use for making precision cuts in a wide range of materials. Consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two wheels, the bandsaw allows for smooth, controlled, and efficient cutting. The primary advantage of a band saw...

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